: 11/20/2020

Luigi and Marco Tragaioli

In 2016, Agriform purchased a factory in Busseto, in the province of Parma, for the production, agin ...
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Leonardo Brunello

Latterie Vicentine produces PDO Asiago Fresco and Asiago Stagionato cheese in its Bressanvido plant ...
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Angelo Bressan

Since 2001 Latterie Vicentine has been a member of Agriform and produces Grana Padano PDO in its B ...
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Orfeo Piccoli

Since 2009,  Latteria Sociale di Trissino has been part of Agriform, producing Asiago ...
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Dimitri Biasuz

Lattebusche has been a member of Agriform since 1993 and produces Piave PDO and Montasio PDO cheeses ...
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