Asiago Fresco PDO

It's a fresh cheese originating from the Asiago Alpine plateau. It is a semi-hard, semi-cooked cheese, white to slightly straw yellow in color, with marked and irregular holes and a thin and elastic rind. Aged for 20/40 days, it is rich in live milk enzymes. It has a delicate, supple and pleasant taste with a delightful aroma of milk
Asiago Fresco PDO

Protected Denomination of Origin

• Average weight of the wheel: 14 Kg
• Diameter: 30-40 cm
• Height: 11-15 cm
• Ingredients: milk, salt, bacterial culture, rennet. Rind not edible.

• Young: 20 days
• Oro del Tempo: 40 days

• Energy: 1613 kJ / 389 kcal
• Fat: 23g
  of which satures: 20g
• Carbohydrate: <0,5 g
  of which sugars: <0,5 g
• Protein: 23g
• Salt: 1,8g

It is obtained from the transformation of pasteurized whole cow’s milk from one or two milkings and is ready 20-40 days after production. The result of careful selection, the wheels that express the typical characteristics of traditional Veneto cheese making, or rather those that are creamier, sweeter and have more marked holes, and have reached 40 days of age, are granted the “ORO DEL TEMPO” brand.

Fresh Asiago was created in the Asiago plateau, an area full of pastures and, unlike the matured version, is obtained in the valley areas and normally by large dairies. The history of this cheese is fairly recent: in fact, its production dates back to the 1920’s.Fresh Asiago is also called “Asiago Pressato” because as soon as the cheese wheels are produced, they are compacted using manual or hydraulic presses in order to dry them out as much as possible. This “new” product was well liked by consumers because of its sweet and supple taste. Asiago was awarded the Protected Designation of Origin status in 1996.

Asiago is a typical cheese produced in an area which stretches from the meadows of the Po Valley to the Alpine pastures of the Asiago plateau and Trentino. The milk is collected and the Asiago PDO cheese is produced in four provinces: the entire Vicenza and Trento area and a small part of the provinces of Padua and Treviso.

It is a typical table cheese originating from the Asiago Alpine plateau, aged for a minimum of 40 days. A special selection of the wheels with the characteristics that best represent Veneto cheese-making tradition, creamy, sweet and more consistent holes give it the quality of being marked ORO DEL TEMPO. It has is delicate, pleasant and delightfully fresh taste.
Able to enhance traditional regional dishes, it can be used to add flavour to first courses or be eaten alone at the end of a meal.  It pairs with robust red wines like Cabernet and Teroldego.

In slices served alone or with bread or canapès, Asiago is at its best when tasted in the simplest and most classical way.
Extremely versatile in the kitchen, Asiago lends itself well to many gastronomical combinations. Melted over polenta, porcine mushrooms or vegetables it becomes a true delicacy; it’s ideal as an ingredient in oven pastas, quiches, crepes and croquettes; cut into cubes it turns a salad into a truly appetizing dish. It also pairs very nicely with dandelion honey, fruit pickles and fruit and dog rose preserves.
Its delicate taste should preferably be accompanied by supple and light white or rosé wines. If used as an appetizer, Asiago is excellent with chilled dry sparkling wines.
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