Agriform was founded in Veneto and has always had a link with the Veneto territory and its strong point. Tall mountains, green valleys, lush plains, rolling hills, countryside and vineyards, rivers and streams, lakes, art cities and pleasant villages: the variety of Veneto landscapes charms and seduces, giving visitors a wonderfully natural and precious slice of history, architecture, art and civilisation.

From the world-famous Venice, with its canals, bridges, gondolas and the wonderful St. Mark’s Square to Verona with its magnificent Arena and the romantic Juliet's House; from Padua, a gem rich in history, which Giotto’s paintings made famous, to Vincenza and the majestic architecture of Andrea Palladio; from Treviso with its Signori Square to Rovigo with the Po River Delta, its villas, rural villages and ancient population, arriving up to Belluno, where its city centre and splendid palaces gives way to the Dolomite mountains. There are seven charming art cities that make Veneto a cultural and historic pearl known throughout the world. A land rich in history, culture and ancient traditions, but also a land dedicated to hard work which knew exactly how to join the strong connection to the territory with a healthy private and cooperative entrepreneurial spirit. It’s this double identity that has allowed the Veneto region to achieve its agri-food excellence known throughout the world (for example: Vialone nano rice, oil from Lake Garda, Treviso red lettuce).

An excellence that has been particularly strong in the dairy sector with Protected Designation of Origin cheeses: Grana Padano, Asiago, Piave, Montasio, Monte Veronese. Agriform fully reflects the spirit of this region, dedicating itself to dairy products made following local tradition, obtained with special attention to the protection of the territory, the history, the raw materials used and the original production methods. Agriform adds experience, skill and professionalism to this with state-of-the-art technologies and quality controls through all production phases of the cheeses, in order to bring its excellence to all tables in Italy and abroad.



The production area for Grana Padano PDO extends throughout Northern Italy and generally coincides with the territories of the Po Valley region north of the Po river. It covers 5 regions from Piedmont to Veneto and down to Emilia Romagna. In Veneto, the area of origin covers 6 valley provinces (thus excluding Belluno), even if more than 95% of the production is ...


Agriform has chosen to dedicate itself primarily to Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheeses. The choice in marketing PDO cheeses means protecting and promoting the excellence of Italy’s agricultural and food culture, acknowledging and appreciating the tradition, in safeguarding the variation of the production locations and the authenticity of the tastes.

The PDO ...