The company has an advanced portioning and packaging centre equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for the perfect hygienic and organoleptic storage of the cheeses. The centre is divided into two separate areas: the portions with rind department and the grating department. Both are equipped with the latest automated machines which meet the most stringent hygiene-health standards required for food facilities by HACCP analysis and by the BRC/IFS standards.

Portions with rind department

The department for portion cutting and packaging is made up of 7 lines: the first line portions the wheels into quarters and eighths; the high speed second line is for the making of pieces from approximately 200 g to 2 kg; two lines for vacuum packing, two thermoforming lines for the packaging of Grana, Asiago and other cheeses in vacuum packs (flexible) or in a protective atmosphere (rigid plastic tubs); two horizontal lines for the flow-pack packaging in protective atmosphere of semi-hard cheese slices (Asiago and Piave, chunks of Grana Padano) and one large format packaging line.


Grating department

The grating department is made up of four lines, all controlled by metal detector. This is where the product is packaged in a protective atmosphere inside heat-sealed bags which are able to maintain the product’s moisture, fragrance and freshness. The production line starts with whole, clean and scraped wheels which are grated and are then packaged in polyester and polythene bags; besides grating, these packaging lines also package other formats without the rind: cubes and slivers; one line, outfitted with high-tech automation systems, is dedicated to the packaging of Twist & Grate.


Gira&Gratta department