Confezioni Piave

Piave's wheels

A table cheese, it is the most famous cheese typical of Belluno. Created from the experience of local master cheese makers, it is still produced following the ancient art of cheese making rules, under the European Union PDO discipline (Protected Designation of Origin), in restricted areas.

Its flavour, pleasantly intense, is due to the high quality of the milk of the valleys of Belluno and the use of milk enzymes specific in its processing. It is offered in various stages of ...

Piave's vacuum packs

Vacuum packagings allow the longest preservation of the cheese cut. Oxygen's absence allows a 6 month shelf-life. One fourth's wheel cuts are available for trade customers and Horecas.


Piave's thermoformed packs

Thermoformed packagings come in rigid plastic tubs with resealable peel-off film, filled with modified atmosphere, for a 4 month packages' shelf life. But thermoformed packagings could also come in flexible double-film easy-to-open vacuum packs and a 6 month shelf life.


Piave in protective atmosphere

Wrapping Piave cheese under protective atmosphere (food level carbon dioxide and nitrogen) allows to bring to table a cheese slice as if it was just cut. Proposed portion is 250 g, fixed predetermined weight.


Piave Oro del Tempo

This is the traditional cheese of Belluno, matured for a minimum of 12 months. A hard, compact, cooked cheese, Piave Vecchio Oro del Tempo has an intense flavour that increases as it matures. Excellent in classical recipes from Belluno cuisine or as a basic ingredient in sophisticated first courses. It pairs nicely with full-bodied red wines from the area (i.e. Raboso del Piave).