Excellent alone as an appetizer or snack, Parmigiano is used in many typical recipes from the production area as well as throughout Italy.

Unbeatable when grated to enhance first courses, from pasta (with tomato sauce, butter, vegetables, meat sauce, pesto) to vegetable soups, rice and other grains.

Ideal as an ingredient in au gratin recipes, it enhances the flavour of filled pastas, potato torts, lasagnas, gnocchi alla romana, stuffed vegetables; when combined with eggs, delicious frittatas can be made; mixed with meat it enriches meatballs and meatloafs.

In slivers, it is excellent in salads, on bresaola and thinly sliced raw meats. It is particularly indicated when served with Balsamic Vinegar or fruit (especially pears and grapes, but also walnuts and figs) to create a very sophisticated dessert.

Parmigiano Reggiano pairs very nicely with Lambrusco, full-bodied red wines, semi-dry fortified wines like Marsala or Malvasia, dessert wines and top quality brut sparkling wines such as Franciacorta, Cava or Champagne.