Confezioni Montasio

Montasio's wheels

A table cheese typical of the Friuli Venezia Giulia and North-East Veneto regions.

It is a semi-hard cooked cheese, compact, white or straw-yellow with regular uniform holes.
It is available in 3 varieties, all with a distinct personality:Fresco (fresh), aged for at least 2 months, of a mild and mellow flavour;
Mezzano (semi-aged), 5 to 9 months, with a stronger full bodied flavour;
Stagionato (aged) at least 10 months of age, characterised by very aromatic and pleasantly ...

Montasio's thermoformed packs

Thermoformed packagings come in rigid plastic tubs with resealable peel-off film, filled with modified atmosphere, for a 4 month packages' shelf life. But thermoformed packagings could also come in flexible double-film easy-to-open vacuum packs and a 6 month shelf life.


Montasio Vecchio Oro del Tempo

Matured Montasio (or “Vecchio”) Oro del Tempo is a typical table cheese from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and northeastern Veneto that is aged at least 10 months. It is a semi-hard, compact, cooked cheese that is white or straw-yellow in colour with regular, even holes. It is distinguished by its very aromatic and pleasantly sharp flavour. Great by itself as a tantalizing appetizer or as an entrée; when grated it stylishly adds flavour to first and second courses. It ...

Montasio's vaccum packs

Vacuum packagings allow the longest preservation of the cheese portion. Oxygen's absence allows a 6 month shelf-life. One fourth's wheel cuts are available for trade customers and Horecas.


Montasio in atmosfera protettiva

Wrapping Montasio cheese in an environment filled with protective atmosphere (food level carbon dioxide and nitrogen) allows to bring to table a cheese slice as if it was just cut. Proposed portion is from 200 to 400 g fixed predetermined or approx. weight.