Combinations and Recipes

Extremely versatile in the kitchen, Montasio cheese lends itself well to many dishes, depending on the ageing:

- Fresco and Mezzano goes well on bread, in salads, with sliced cooked vegetables, in salty strudels, flans and vegetable quiches. It’s also a table cheese to be eaten alone, with bread or with raw or cooked vegetables. It combines nicely with polenta and fine meats. The Fresco variety pairs well with white wines (ex. Pinot bianco, Chardonnay); Mezzano is best when paired with Merlot.
- The Stagionato (matured) variety is an excellent cheese for grating and is also perfect for adding a touch more flavour to soups, ravioli and tortellini. This variety pairs nicely with full-bodied reds like Raboso del Piave.

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