Combinations and Recipes

With its elegant, clean and intense yet delicate flavour, it’s excellent as an everyday table cheese. Grated, slivered or sliced, it can be used both as an ingredient in meat or vegetable fillings, quiches or in “au gratin” dishes and as a condiment over dry, fresh and stuffed pastas, rice dishes, risottos, soups and grain salads. Besides dressing up first courses and making them more savory, it’s a cheese that can be used for every meal, enhancing any dish without covering the other ingredients: delicious on carpaccio (thin sliced raw meat), on vegetables and in recipes with eggs; it also can be paired with fruit, marmalades and honey or in unusual desserts. If eaten as an appetizer, it combines well with still, slightly sparkling or sparkling white wines; if eaten during or after meals, a mature red wine is recommended.

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