Matured Asiago's wheels

It's a semi-cooked, medium fat cheese, produced under the European Union PDO discipline (Protected Designation of Origin), in restricted areas: the administrative provinces of Vicenza and Trento and in some areas of Padua's and Treviso's ones.
It is made exclusively from partially skimmed cow's milk. It is compact, with a few small or medium size holes. Asiago "d’Allevo" (that means "raised", meaning the care devoted to its maturation process), is available in different agings, to suit the tastes of every palate. The "Mezzano" (semi-aged) is characterized by a sweet taste, while the "Vecchio" (aged) is more intense and fragrant. The "Stravecchio" is a rare cheese, especially outside Italy, but it's increasingly meeting global market's demand for gems of the traditional international food culture.