1980 -  Founding
The company was created on the initiative of nine dairies that joined forces with the goal of promoting the dairy productions of the Veneto cooperative. Agriform specializes in the ageing and marketing in Italy and abroad of Grana Padano and other typical cheeses closely linked to the dairy tradition of the Veneto territory.

1988 - Complete and mutually binding commitment by the partners
The complete and mutually binding commitment of Grana Padano cheese by all the partners marks an important step for Agriform sales, recognizing its central commercial role.

1991 - Purchase of the Sommacampagna (VR) warehouse
The Sommacampagna warehouse is purchased, for the storage of the various typical specialty products, with an initial capacity of 85,000 wheels.

1998 - Launch of the "Oro del Tempo" label
The “Oro del tempo” line, a selection of excellent cheeses, is put on the market. This line is distinguished by particularly long ageing that bestows merit and intensity to the product’s taste.

2000 - New warehouse
In order to meet the increased needs of a fast-growing company, a new and larger warehouse is built that has a capacity of 120,000 cheese wheels.

2002 - New packaging facility
A new packaging facility with state-of-the-art machinery is built. Business growth required that advanced portioning and packaging technologies be adopted in order to meet the demand for fine cheeses in various portions destined for large-scale retail stores, but also for hotels, restaurants and catering companies, both in Italy and abroad.

2004 - Lauch of the "Twist&Grate" package
Twist & Grate is created, which is an innovated patented product that lets you grate Grana Padano cheese directly from the package, without product waste, with maximum hygiene and maintaining the cheese’s fragrance and freshness.

2006 - New maturing warehouse
The Agriform facility is extended with the construction of a new warehouse for the ageing of products, bringing the total capacity to 200,000 wheels.

2008 - New packaging facility for grated cheeses
The grating and packaging lines are transferred into the new warehouse and a new high-speed line is installed.

2009 - Inauguration of the Sommacampagna retail store
A large outlet is opened to the public containing all of Agriform’s marketed products, available in various retail sizes.

2012 Agriform today
With a turnover of approximately 150 million Euro, Agriform has become the top company in Veneto for Grana Padano cheese and typical regional PDO cheeses. The company has an annual movement of approximately 350,000 wheels of Grana Padano, 40,000 of Parmigiano-Reggiano, 200,000 of Asiago and more than 120,000 wheels between Piave, Montasio and Monte Veronese cheeses.