About Us

Agriform is a "second level cooperative” that partners with some of the most important dairy cooperatives of the North-Eastern part of Italy. The cheeses coming to Agriform from its partners are made using milk from the territory of origin that is collected by thousands of member farmers. By directly controlling all phases of the production chain, Agriform is committed to applying the most correct methods in order to obtain the highest quality products.


Founded in 1980 in the heart of the Po Valley, Agriform produces, matures, packages and markets typical cheeses from the Veneto region as well as other Italian regions.

The products put into the market by Agriform are the fruit of a territory that has been historically known for the production of quality cheese, strict respect of traditional techniques and careful selection.

Confident in our cooperative identity, we chose to focus on the people who, with their work in the fields, stalls and dairy farms, have made Agriform a top company. Thanks to them, their history, traditions, the link with the territory of origin and the values that are passed down from generation to generation, we have now become the largest company in northeastern Italy for PDO ...

Agriform’s social structure includes some of the largest dairy cooperatives in the Veneto region with more than 1000 partner farms. All of Agriform’s partners are a direct representation of primary production, being invested in directly by farmers in their respective geographical areas. Another partner in the area of finance takes part in the activities of the cooperative as ...

Equity = 8.552.453 euro
Net Assets = 11.561.665 euro
Turnover 2018 = 156.642.255 euro

Datas updated on 31/12/2018


Board of Directors 
Chairman: Alessandro Mocellin
Vice Chairman: Domenico Basso
Counsellors: Maurizio Cortese
                        Augusto Guerriero

Board of Auditors
Chairman: Lucio Leoni
Substitute Auditors: Alessandro Giolai
                                    Domenico Grazioli
Sindaci supplenti: Eugenio Rigon

1980 -  Founding
The company was created on the initiative of nine dairies that joined forces with the goal of promoting the dairy productions of the Veneto cooperative. Agriform specializes in the ageing and marketing in Italy and abroad of Grana Padano and other typical cheeses closely linked to the dairy tradition of the Veneto territory.

1988 - Complete and mutually ...

With 53% of its total sales made outside of Italy, Agriform is one of the main operators in Veneto for the the export of Italian made dairy products to more than 50 countries around the world, especially to the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Spain, and Australia.

Code of Ethics
Approved by the Board of Directors on 20th February 2018