A table cheese that comes from a very small zone near Asiago.
Trugole is a semi-cooked cheese, white or straw-yellow in colour, with very marked and irregular holes, due to its maturation of a minimum 90 days in a natural cave.
It has a pleasant mellow taste, reminiscent of mature milk.


The name comes from the small village on the Asiago plateau where an exclusive cheese similar to Asiago, but with a sweeter taste, was created for the first time in the Trugole alpine hut. This taste came from the type of forage that the livestock would eat (soft wild foliage, rich and genuine).
This cheese comes from the same production area as Asiago, but is distinguished by its fruity taste coming from milk that is rich in characteristic aromas from the alpine pastures.
In the traditional recipe, the wheels are flipped every day and treated with water and salt so that they can maintain their softness.

The territory

Originally this cheese was made in the small alpine hut of the same name, surrounded by a thick and immense forest of firs, located on the plateau of the 7 towns of Asiago. Today it is made in various parts of the Asiago pleateau, located ...